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New telescopic ladders

The perfect ladder for anyone who is on the move or is short on storage space.

Two new models from 2.9 to 4 meters.

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Developed from your perspective

New step ladders 55P and 44P

Our 55P is being replaced with a brand new model with the same name and we are also launching a light duty model – the 44P. These ladders have been developed from the perspective of hard working professionals.

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Work Trestle 55AB

Aa good choice for a safe work environment.

We have updated our trestle 55AB with a larger platform. This means that it qualifies for the Swedish product labelling "Bra Arbetsmiljöval".

Trestle 55AB with "Bra arbetsmiljöval"

Work Trestle 55ABR

With a railing on the trestle you get a safer work position and can focus better on the job.

Work Trestele 55ABR

Academy - Get educated for safer work.

Wibe Ladders Academy offers courses in two areas, ladder safety and scaffolding. You will learn how to work safely and according to the rules so you save both your body and your wallet.

Wibe Ladder Academy courses


  • Stairs, no problem

    Get a safe and stable work position in almost any stair with our new step ladder 77S.

  • Work platform CMP

    A work platform that is safer and easier to transport, climb on and work from.

  • Work platform HAP

    Easy to adjust, easy to move around for an optimal working position. Count on reliable stability and ergonomics during long shifts.

  • Step ladder ASP+

    One of our best ladders – stable, safe and hard-wearing. It is light and easy to carry and use. Made from powder-coated aluminium.

New work platforms

We have launched a new range of work platforms. Approved according to EN 131–7 and “Bra arbetsmiljöval”.

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Wibe Ladders scaffolding range is developed for our harsh northern climate but packaged like an all-inclusive vacation to the Bahamas.

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Inspection of ladders and scaffolding

To make it easy for you, Wibe Ladders offers supplier control of ladders, trestles and scaffolds. Our ladder expert perform on-site inspection and controls (in Sweden) of all ladders, regardless of manufacturer.

Ladder inspection

Bra arbetsmiljöval

A Good Choice for Safe Work

On some building sites in Sweden you are only allowed to use products labelled “Bra Arbetsmiljöval - A Good Choice for Safe Work”. The labelling was developed to increase the safety for anyone working at heights and it means that beyond the requirements for a type approval the products also meet a number of additional requirements.

A Good Choice for Safe Work