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Safety in every step

Wibe Ladders is the leading Nordic manufacturer of tradesmen’s ladders, trestle steps and scaffolding for professional users. Quality and safety is a priority in everything we do, from product development and production to our work on enhancing ladder safety in the workplace. So you can rely on us to put safety first in each and every step.

Work safely on stairs

Introducing 55S Stairwell Ladder

55S is a flexible stairwell ladder for work on stairs and in spaces with uneven support surfaces.

Discover our new stairwell ladder 55S

Telescopic ladders

Our Telescopic Ladder TL is perfect for work around the house. The ladder does not need to be pulled out to its full length, meaning you can use it at any length you want. It is also easy to store, use and move around.

Discover Telescopic Ladder TL

Step stool Vikingstep

Our small and easy-to-use Vikingstep is the most useful step stool for anywhere when you need to reach a little bit higher up, could be at home, in a shop or in the warehouse. The Vikingstep has extra deep 210 mm steps that makes it safe and comfortable to use.

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Hasse Flogård

Hasse Flogård has been working with industrial sheet metal insulation for 16 years and recently started his own company. The job involves working with insulation, fabricating and installing sheet metal trim pieces – and is always carried out at height. This set high demands on the equipment being qualitative and safe to use.

Hasse's work from above

Bra arbetsmiljöval

A good choice for working safe.

By choosing a product labelled with ‘Bra Arbetsmiljöval’ you can be sure that the product meets more requirements than the basic ones needed to get an approval.

Learn more about the label


  • Work platform CMP

    A work platform that is safer and easier to transport, climb on and work from.

  • Work platform HAP

    Easy to adjust, easy to move around for an optimal working position. Count on reliable stability and ergonomics during long shifts.

  • Step ladder ASP+

    One of our best ladders – stable, safe and hard-wearing. It is light and easy to carry and use. Made from powder-coated aluminium.

Inspection of ladders and scaffolding

To make it easy for you, Wibe Ladders offers supplier control of ladders, trestles and scaffolds. Our ladder expert perform on-site inspection and controls (in Sweden) of all ladders, regardless of manufacturer.

Ladder inspection