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A step ladder in a class of its own

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Step ladder 90P is the result of 90 years of innovative manufacturing of ladders. The ladder is constructed with an extra-large platform, foldable rails and an ergonomic design. According to us, it’s probably the best ladder ever designed.

90P is a robust, yet user-friendly premium ladder with a construction that combines proven technology and new innovations.

Based on 90 years of experience

Step ladder 90P was launched in connection to Wibe Ladders celebrating 90 years as a company and is a result of as many years of experience in manufacturing ladders. The ladder has been developed in close cooperation with craftsmen to ensure that their needs are met.

“With the launch of 90P, we complete our range while we also meet the requirements of the construction companies as well as the craftsmen's desire for a product that is easy to handle," says Anton Lövgren, product manager.

Made of surface-treated robust metal

Step ladder 90P is made entirely of metal and is fused with radial-riveted attachment, making it extremely durable and ensuring a long service life. The side profiles and the shelf are also surface-treated to prevent stained hands, clothes and surroundings.

Extra-large platform for a safer work day

The extra-large platform of the step ladder gives you plenty of space to work both efficiently and safely, on all heights. To further ensure safety, each step has a 2-way anti-slip protection and extra-deep steps.

Foldable rails to simplify transportation

90P comes with foldable rails, protecting the user against falls on three sides of the platform. To enable easy transportation and storage of the ladder the rails are foldable.

Multi-functional shelf in metal

The spacious shelf is made of metal to ensure durability. Besides being surface-treated to prevent stains, it is also designed to store a screw driver and other tools that craftsmen frequently use.

Approved according to ”Bra arbetsmiljöval” up to 2 meters

90P is approved according to the ”Bra arbetsmiljöval” regulations up to 2 meters. This means that the ladder meets the demands developed by the National Builder’s security group in Sweden (Riksbyggarnas säkerhetsgrupp) in order to reduce the number of workplace accidents.

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Bra Arbetsmiljöval

Bra Arbetsmiljöval is a Swedish labelling for safer work at heights. Step ladder 90P is approved according to “Bra Arbetsmiljöval” up to 2 meters.

The requirements for platform height and fall protection is different depending on the ladder height. In addition, there are also more general rules that apply to all heights.

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A class of its own

90P is a robust, yet user-friendly premium ladder with a construction that combines proven technology and new innovations.

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