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About Wibe Ladders

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Wibe Ladders is the leading Nordic manufacturer of tradesmen's ladders, trestle steps and scaffolding for trade professionals. For more than 80 years we have led the development of reliable ladders that meet the very highest market standards.

Everything we do is based on safety and quality, from product development and production to delivery and our work on enhancing ladder safety in the workplace. So you can rely on us to put safety first at each and every step.

Wibe Ladders carries quality system certification to ISO 9001 standard, and our ladders are regularly tested by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP).

Standing on a ladderSafety in every step.

Wibe Ladders offers innovative ladders and scaffolding that help trade professionals work more safely and efficiently. We provide a reliable solution for every type of task.

Wibe Ladders is part of Hultafors Group - a range of premium products designed for trade professionals who need to be one step ahead.

Wibe Ladders offers a wide range of products, by the following product categories in the menu to the right.

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