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Safety in Every Step

Wibe Ladders - Global

Wibe Ladders is the leading Nordic manufacturer of tradesmen’s ladders, trestle steps and scaffolding for professional users. For more than 90 years we have led the development of reliable ladders that meet the very highest market standards.

Everything we do is based on quality and safety, from product development and production to delivery and our work on enhancing ladder safety in the workplace. So you can rely on us to put safety first in each and every step.

Wibe Ladders is part of Hultafors Group, which offers a wide range of premium products for professionals who need to be one step ahead. This backing gives us the power we need to expand our horizons and go for our next goal: to be the leading brand when it comes to Safety in Every Step.

“Everything we do is based on safety and quality”

Commercial Manager Robert Agerskog talks about our philosophy and our promise: to put safety first in every step.

“When you buy a ladder from Wibe Ladders, there’s one thing you can be sure of: every fitting, every material and every solution has been examined down to the finest detail, and has been meticulously designed to guarantee your safety. This is true of our entire comprehensive range, from our sturdy trestle steps and scaffolding, to our fire and rescue ladders. The solution we offer is safe on every level.”

What is ‘safe work’?

“Safe work is fundamentally about choosing the right solution for the right job. Will you be working at low heights, or a bit higher? Or is your safety when ascending and descending from great heights the most important thing? We’ve considered every single scenario for working at height when developing our products.”

How do you assure the quality of Wibe Ladders’ products?

“All our products undergo regular testing by RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, for type approval in line with prevailing norms. We also conduct our own regular tests, overseen by RISE, to make sure that all our products meet the high standards we promise. For us it all comes down to one thing: you should always be able to rest assured that we put your safety first, in every step.”

Wibe Ladders in figures

130,000 trestles and step stools a year are manufactured at our factory in Nässjö.

365 km of ladder are constructed; that’s roughly the distance from London to Amsterdam.

300 kg is the load the trestles and step stools in our PROF+ range have to bear 100,000 times before they leave the factory.

A sustainable standard

Wibe Ladders is committed to bring user friendly products of high quality to our customers and end users. Wibe Ladders is certified to the following standards:

SE-EN ISO 9001:2015
SE-EN ISO 14001:2015

The use of ISO Standards - applied throughout the whole organization - supports our ambition to continuously reduce costs, achieve continuous improvements, and in the end fulfill customer needs and exceed expectations.
Furthermore, it supports our true commitment to act responsibly in regards to our environment and contribute to a sustainable future.

Download our Certificate (pdf, 425 kB)

Read more about ours and Hultafors Group's sustainability efforts.

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Our heritage

The rise of Wibe Ladders is the story of the many inventive people who have made their mark on the company over the years. People used to say that Wibe Ladders’ employees were quite ingenious. Nowadays we’d tend to call them innovation-driven. Because that’s exactly what we are.

How it all started

Made in Nässjö

The southern Swedish province of Småland is known for its manufacturing industry, so it is a natural location for our factory, on the outskirts of Nässjö.

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Be a part of our innovative team

Wibe Ladders has been providing safe solutions for all kinds of work at height for more than 80 years. Do you want to be part of our exciting future?

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