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It hurts to fall down!

It can cause a lot pain from falling when working at height. It is not only the body that risk to take a beating, it can really hurt your wallet too.

Accidental falls from heights often leads to long-term sick leave which can be costly for both employers and employees. From 2015 (in Sweden), it can also be very expensive for building scaffolds without the proper training, since the Arbetsmiljöverket (Work Environment Authority) introduced new penalties.

Wibe Ladders Academy offers courses in two areas, ladder safety and building(mounting scaffolds. You will learn how to work safely and according to the rules so you save both your body and your wallet.

There are four levels of training and we offer three courses required for a permit to build/mount platforms up to 2 meters, mobile towers up to 5 meters and scaffolds up to 9 meters.

Fore more information, visit our Swedish pages.

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