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Trestle 55AB
Model W0003
Description Stable and safe trestle steps that can take heavy-duty use on a daily basis. Equipped with deep, comfortable treads and well-proportioned top plate. The lowest trestle (0,5 m) is labelled a good choice for safe work.
Material Anti-skid (spare part, 4-pack) Art. No. 810143.
  • Strong aluminium profile provides stability without making the trestle steps heavy.
  • Top plate of 300x600 mm with an integrated handle allowing the steps to be carried around with ease.
  • Two sturdy stays lock the trestle steps out in their open position, giving them additional stability.
  • The treads are 80 mm deep and grooved to ensure excellent anti-slip protection.
  • The top plate has plastic end protectors to prevent items like cables becoming trapped in the hinged area.
Product materials
  • Aluminium
Art. no. H
804032 496 mm
804033 747 mm
804034 997 mm
Art. no. B
804032 665 mm
804033 699 mm
804034 735 mm
Art. no. D
804032 695 mm
804033 895 mm
804034 1100 mm
Number of steps
Art. no. Number of steps
804032 2+2
804033 3+3
804034 4+4
Art. no. Weight
804032 5.2 kg
804033 7 kg
804034 8.9 kg
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