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Adjustable Extension Leg with Swivel Foot
Model W0209
Description The extension leg gives you stepless leveling up to 30 cm. The foot has a rubber coating that increases friction against hard surfaces. It also has spikes that can be angled down for better traction on soft surfaces such as dirt or grass.
Material Intended for: 1) Extra wide one-piece ladder, One-piece ladder 8000, Double extension ladder 8000, Modular ladders base, Stabiliser 3.
  • The hinge means that the leg tip will always be in optimum contact with the surface, even when under load.
  • Easy to fit – the holes have already been made in your ladder.
  • The legs are made from electro-galvanised steel, and the leg tip has a large rubberised contact surface of 100x45 mm.
Product materials
  • Steel
Intended for
Art. no. Intended for
822056 1)
Art. no. Weight
822056 1.6 kg
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