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Ladder top hook 15cm

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An extension ladder developed for safe access to concrete formwork. The ladder is equipped with a top hook that secures the ladder at the top of the formwork. This prevents the two most common causes for accidents; that the ladder falls over sideways and that the ladder base slides out.

  • The top hook is made from aluminium and has an opening of 150 mm.
  • The ladder is extra wide which gives you stability, plenty of space for your feet and room to move around.
  • The strong sigma shaped side profiles provide stability without making the ladder heavy.
  • The rungs provide bi-directional anti-slip protection.

Product data


Art. no. Model B1 L L1 Profile B Number of steps Weight
View image 726920 WUS TOP Y2 4200 453 mm 4200 mm 2400 mm 67/20 506 mm 8+8 12.7 kg
View image 726921 WUS TOP Y2 6000 453 mm 6000 mm 3300 mm 67/20 506 mm 11+11 16.7 kg
View image 726922 WUS TOP Y2 7200 453 mm 7200 mm 3900 mm 67/20 506 mm 13+13 21.7 kg


Art. no. Transport height Transport length Transport width EAN
726920 7318127269204
726921 7318127269211
726922 7318127269228

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