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Triple extension Leaning Ladder PROF+

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Measure guide Prof+ extension ladder Additional anti-slip protection, well-proportioned locking mechanisms and roughtextured anti-skid devices give these products stability and good anti-skid characteristics. The products well exceed the When RISE inspects ladders, it uses European Standard EN 131 as well as the rather more stringent regulations of Swedish Standard SS 2091. These requirements are imposed by the Swedish Work Environmen

Our best leaning ladder. For those who always put safety first when working at height. Equipped with extension legs that makes it easy to erect the ladder on inclined and uneven surfaces. The safety legs prevents base slips and the ladder from falling sideways. The ladders are extra wide, giving the user better reach and plenty of space to climb comfortably and safe. A strong BOX-profile in aluminium with strong joints makes the ladder stabile and the rungs have two-directional anti-slip pattern. The design of the top brackets makes it easy to use it as a free standing ladder. Auto-lock ensures that the ladder always is securely locked during use. Tripple extension ladders are available in 5 m - 10 m models.

  • Extension legs for levelling up to 200 mm.
  • Safety legs stabilises the ladder in multiple directions.
  • Extra wide ladder.
  • Two-directional anti-slip patterned rungs.
  • Can also be used as a free standing ladder.

Additional information: Also available as single section and double extension models.

Product data


Art. no. Model B1 B4 L L1 Profile Use as a combination ladder B Number of steps Weight
View image 860305 W LPX-T5 400 mm 1300 mm 5200 mm 2280 mm 73/24 Yes 550 mm 7+7+7 21.8 kg
View image 860307 W LPX-T7 400 mm 1300 mm 7000 mm 2880 mm 85/24 Yes 550 mm 9+9+9 27 kg
View image 860308 W LPX-T8 400 mm 1300 mm 7900 mm 3180 mm 85/24 Yes 550 mm 10+10+10 29.2 kg
View image 860310 W LPX-T10 400 mm 1300 mm 10000 mm 4080 mm 85/24 Yes 550 mm 13+13+13 42.3 kg


Art. no. Transport height Transport length Transport width EAN
860305 195 mm 2241 mm 720 mm 7318128603052
860307 219 mm 2766 mm 720 mm 7318128603076
860308 219 mm 3066 mm 720 mm 7318128603083
860310 219 mm 3966 mm 720 mm 7318128603106

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