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Extra Wide One-piece Ladder

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Measure single leaning The P-mark means that, as a minimum, the product meets statutory and authority requirements, and, in most cases, even more stringent requirements. The P-mark means firstly that the product has been ty Additional anti-slip protection, well-proportioned locking mechanisms and roughtextured anti-skid devices give these products stability and good anti-skid characteristics. The products well exceed the Ladders for accessing roofs for example, and scaffolding for working at height. When SP inspects ladders, it uses European Standard EN 131 as well as the rather more stringent regulations of Swedish Standard SS 2091. These requirements are imposed by the Swedish Work Environment

A classic ladder that is easy to handle. Can also be used as a wall and roof ladder. Made from aluminium making it very durable. Available in five lengths.

  • The strong sigma shaped side profiles provide stability without making the ladder heavy.
  • The strong joints securing the rungs run right through the section.
  • The rungs provide optimum bi-directional anti-slip protection.
  • A Type 2 Stabiliser Bar is included with ladders that are more than 5 m long.

Additional information: Anti-skid (spare part, 4-pack) Art. No. 810131. *Must be braced or anchored in accordance with Swedish Work Environment Authority regulations. Type 2 Stabiliser Bar included.

Product data


Art. no. Model Stabiliser included L Profile Use as a combination ladder B Number of steps Weight
View image 581020 WES Y-2,1 2100 mm 67/20 No 453 mm 7 3.7 kg
View image 581030 WES Y-3,0 3000 mm 67/20 No 453 mm 10 5.3 kg
View image 581040 WES Y-3,9 3900 mm 67/20 No 453 mm 13 7.3 kg
View image 581050 WES Y-4,8 4800 mm 67/20 No 453 mm 16 10.9 kg
View image 587060 WES Y-6,0 SF Yes 6000 mm 67/20 No 453 mm 20 15 kg


Art. no. Transport height Transport length Transport width EAN
581020 67 mm 2118 mm 453 mm 7318125810200 .
581030 67 mm 3017 mm 453 mm 7318125810309 .
581040 67 mm 3915 mm 453 mm 7318125810408 .
581050 67 mm 4820 mm 453 mm 7318125810507 .
587060 68 mm 6010 mm 570 mm 7318125870600 .

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