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Wibe Ladders - Global

WIBE Ladders is the leading Nordic manufacturer of ladders for professional users, and the European leader in fire and rescue ladders.

Wibe Ladders Nor-Bas Fire and rescue ladders

Our extensive experience and well-established top position are your guarantee of well-considered, tried and tested functions in the highest quality designs.

We offer a complete fire and rescue programme. It comprises extension ladders from 8-14 metres and a section ladder combination set (which, using accessories, enables conversion into a pulley block, lifting crane, bridge, roof ladder, quay ladder etc.).

And it also comprises diving ladders, a roofing nail ladder, and manual and vehicle roof support.

Nor-Bas Section Ladders

The Nor-Bas section ladder set comprises a base ladder with stabilizers and a mechanical leveller, two intermediate ladders and a jointed top ladder. It also comes with a quick-lock top console which has a centre-mounted lifting eye for loads of up to 260 kg.

Wibe Ladders Nor-Bas Fire and rescue ladders

The various sections and the quick-lock function enable a wide variety of combinations, such as:

  • Intermediate ladders with top console, as a roof ladder.
  • Intermediate ladders used as a bridge, for a max load of 170 kg over a span of 4,5 metres.
  • Section ladder as a basic resting ladder.
  • Intermediate ladders with top console used vertically down a quayside.
  • Bottom ladder, intermediate ladder and top console with a lifting eye for block or a rescue tackle, max load 260 kg.
  • Automatic roof support for easy detachment of the required section.

The roof support is also available built into a housing with a hinged hatch at the back.decreases, thus also helping prevent accidents if the rope is dropped.

Extension Ladders

Wibe Ladders Nor-Bas Fire and Rescue laddersOur extension ladders comprise Nor-Bas 3 and 4-part models.

The common denominator in all models is a robust, well thought-out construction that combines a long reach with a short, handy transportation length.

The ladders are lightweight and can be handled by just two personnel, freeing up resources for other tasks. The compact format makes the ladders easy to use in confined areas.

Stability and safety

Wibe Ladders Nor-Bas Fire and Rescue laddersA mechanical or hydraulic leveller can evenout vertical differences of up to 20 cm.

Automatic fold-out stabilizers increase stability at heights.

The ribbed, ellipse-shaped rungs in fully hardened aluminium guarantee the best, most secure foothold.

For heavy loads

Wibe Ladders Nor-Bas Fire and Rescue laddersThe ladder sections are extended using separate wire-reinforced polyprene ropes that can withstand very heavy loads.

The sections are locked in the extended position by sturdy drop hooks.

In an automatic mechanism the drop hooks move into place as soon as tension in the rope decreases, thus also helping prevent accidents if the rope is dropped.

Spiked Roof Ladder

The spiked roof ladder provides a firm grip on metal roofs and other soft surfaces.

The spiked roof ladder has two hardened steel spikes at each end. The four steel spikes are hammered into the roof with a club hammer, after which the ladder is safe to climb.

During transport the roofing nail ladder is kept in a holder on the turntable ladder, from where it is easy to detach.

Wibe Ladders Nor-Bas Fire and Rescue ladders

Diving Ladder

The diving ladder is a 2 or 3-part ladder for easy access where the waterline can vary greatly, such as down a quayside. The total weight is 21/24 kg, and fully extended the length is 4100/4200 mm.

Wibe Ladders Nor-Bas Fire and Rescue laddersThe diving ladder consists of a horizontal anchorage section and a vertical ladder section. The ladder section is divided 2 x 2350 mm or 3 x 1700 mm.

The round rungs on either side of the vertical section are 150 mm long and anti-slip treated for safety.

The top anchorage frame, studded at the front, is550 x 500 mm. The two base supports hold the ladder away from the quayside and measure 450 x 400 mm.

The base supports can also be used as a general surface and a platform for lifting heavy items for salvage.

Wibe Ladders Nor-Bas Fire and Rescue ladders

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