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Work Platform WP

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Measure guide HAP & WP The P-mark means that, as a minimum, the product meets statutory and authority requirements, and, in most cases, even more stringent requirements. The P-mark means firstly that the product has been ty Additional anti-slip protection, well-proportioned locking mechanisms and roughtextured anti-skid devices give these products stability and good anti-skid characteristics. The products well exceed the Step ladders and working platforms for working at slightly higher heights. The label ‘Bra Arbetsmiljöval’ has been developed to increase safety when working at heights. It means that the product meets a number of additional requirements in addition to the basic ones needed t

A sturdy but yet light work platform that is simple to open and fold together for easy transport and storage. Ideal for those who perform temporary installation work, painting or work at a warehouse. Two sets of wheels make it easy to move both when folded and unfolded. Surface treated to prevent staining of hands and clothes.

  • Large platform (525 x 550 mm) with fall protection on all four sides gives you stability and freedom to move so you can work efficiently, ergonomically and safely.
  • The frame is made of aluminium and makes the platform sturdy yet light.
  • Handrails and 50 mm deep steps for safe and comfortable climbing.
  • Wide stabilizers for increased stability.
  • Approved according to the Work platform standard EN 131-7 and as “Bra arbetsmiljöval” a good choice for safe work, up to level 3.

Product data


Art. no. Model H1 B4 H B D Number of steps Weight
View image 806704 WAP+ WP 1,0 2005 mm 850 mm 998 mm 655 mm 1255 mm 4 21.5 kg
View image 806706 WAP+ WP 1,5 2505 mm 1100 mm 1498 mm 655 mm 1545 mm 6 25 kg
View image 806708 WAP+ WP 2,0 3005 mm 1400 mm 1998 mm 655 mm 1830 mm 8 28.5 kg


Art. no. Transport height Transport length Transport width EAN
806704 330 mm 2300 mm 700 mm 7318128067045 .
806706 330 mm 2800 mm 700 mm 7318128067069 .
806708 330 mm 3340 mm 700 mm 7318128067083 .

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