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Step Ladder 44P

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The P-mark means that, as a minimum, the product meets statutory and authority requirements, and, in most cases, even more stringent requirements. The P-mark means firstly that the product has been ty Strong aluminium profiles, Well-proportioned standing surfaces and treads make these products suitable for everyday use. The products meet the requirements contained in standards and Swedish working e Step ladders and working platforms for working at slightly higher heights. When RISE inspects ladders, it uses European Standard EN 131 as well as the rather more stringent regulations of Swedish Standard SS 2091. These requirements are imposed by the Swedish Work Environmen BRA ARBETSMILJÖVAL Step ladder 90P

The perfect choice for anyone who wants a lighter ladder for professional use. The 44P ladder fits service technicians, electricians and other professionals who often need to move around with the ladder. Innovative fastening technology with FDS screws provides a stable structure with a really long service life. Approved as ”Bra Arbetsmiljöval” a good choice for safe work, up to five steps.

  • A platform (300 x 260 mm) in glass fiber reinforced polymer with a bidirectional anti slip pattern and a design that allows it to close quietly.
  • Ergonomic step fronts to lean shins against and grip friendly profiles make the ladder both easy to carry and comfortable to work on.
  • Weight optimized shelf and platform as well as slim aluminium profiles make the ladder light and easy to handle.
  • Steel braces for safer use.
  • The aluminium profiles are anodized to prevent staining of your hands and clothes.

Product data


Art. no. Model H1 H B D Number of steps Weight
View image 734403 WTS 44P-3S 1355 mm 700 mm 480 mm 760 mm 3 5.2 kg
View image 734404 WTS 44P-4S 1605 mm 950 mm 510 mm 935 mm 4 6.1 kg
View image 734405 WTS 44P-5S 1855 mm 1200 mm 540 mm 1115 mm 5 7.1 kg
View image 734406 WTS 44P-6S 2100 mm 1450 mm 565 mm 1290 mm 6 8 kg
View image 734407 WTS 44P-7S 2355 mm 1700 mm 595 mm 1470 mm 7 9.1 kg


Art. no. Transport height Transport length Transport width EAN
734403 145 mm 1510 mm 480 mm 7318127344031 .
734404 145 mm 1780 mm 510 mm 7318127344048 .
734405 145 mm 2050 mm 540 mm 7318127344055 .
734406 145 mm 2320 mm 565 mm 7318127344062 .
734407 145 mm 2590 mm 595 mm 7318127344079 .

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