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Step Ladder ASP+

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The P-mark means that, as a minimum, the product meets statutory and authority requirements, and, in most cases, even more stringent requirements. The P-mark means firstly that the product has been ty Additional anti-slip protection, well-proportioned locking mechanisms and roughtextured anti-skid devices give these products stability and good anti-skid characteristics. The products well exceed the Step ladders and working platforms for working at slightly higher heights. When SP inspects ladders, it uses European Standard EN 131 as well as the rather more stringent regulations of Swedish Standard SS 2091. These requirements are imposed by the Swedish Work Environment The label ‘Bra Arbetsmiljöval’ has been developed to increase safety when working at heights. It means that the product meets a number of additional requirements in addition to the basic ones needed t Step ladder 90P

Our best ladder - stable, secure and sustainable. An extra large platform with rough bidirectional slip gives you room to maneuver and the opportunity to stand steady. The high mounted shelf helps increase balance and stability so that you can stand safely and operate efficiently. "Bra Arbetsmiljöval" - approved up to five steps.

  • Extra large platform (330 x 400 mm) for safe and convenient use.
  • Deep rose with sharp radialnitad attachment provides high security and superior longevity.
  • Multifunctional shelf with storage compartments and water run-off, easy-grip sides and softly shaped knee making steps comfortable and easy to work with.
  • Interconnected steel link locks ladder in the extended position and can be operated with one hand.
  • Powder coated profiles prevents staining of your hands and clothes.

Additional information: Anti-skid (spare part, 4-pack) Art. No. 810171. Registered Community Design No. 000892187-0001/6. *Must be braced or anchored in accordance with Swedish Work Environment Authority regulations. Supporting leg included.

Product data


Art. no. Model H1 H B D Number of steps Weight
View image 808003 WTS+ ASP-3 1480 mm 720 mm 520 mm 925 mm 3 8.7 kg
View image 808004 WTS+ ASP-4 1730 mm 970 mm 545 mm 1100 mm 4 9.8 kg
View image 808005 WTS+ ASP-5 1980 mm 1220 mm 570 mm 1265 mm 5 11 kg
View image 808006 WTS+ ASP-6 2230 mm 1470 mm 595 mm 1480 mm 6 12.1 kg
View image 808008 WTS+ ASP-8 2730 mm 1970 mm 650 mm 1830 mm 8 15.1 kg
View image 808010 WTS+ ASP-10 SB 3230 mm 2470 mm 705 mm 2180 mm 10 18.9 kg


Art. no. Transport height Transport length Transport width EAN
808003 130 mm 1630 mm 517 mm 7318128080037 .
808004 130 mm 1900 mm 545 mm 7318128080044 .
808005 130 mm 2170 mm 570 mm 7318128080051 .
808006 130 mm 2440 mm 600 mm 7318128080068 .
808008 130 mm 2980 mm 665 mm 7318128080082 .
808010 130 mm 3520 mm 719 mm 7318128080105 .

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