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Plasterboard Trestle GB

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Measure Plastertrestle rack Plastertrestle Strong aluminium profiles, Well-proportioned standing surfaces and treads make these products suitable for everyday use. The products meet the requirements contained in standards and Swedish working e

With plasterboards placed on plasterboard trestles, you can work at an ergonomic height and reduce the risk of damages to the boards. The plasterboard trestles are delivered without end protection to ensure that there is enough friction against the floor. Plasterboard manufacturers recommend that the boards are placed on trestles with max 60 cm intervals, which means that you need three plasterboard trestles for a normal plasterboard.

  • A plasterboard trestle can be loaded with up to 500 kg, evenly distributed over the trestle.
  • The trestles are made of painted steel profiles and are foldable for easy transportation and storage.
  • Delivered without end protection to provide better grip on floor.
  • Available in one-pack and 80-pack.
  • When you buy an 80-pack, a transportation rack is also included, the rack can also be customized to a smaller number of trestles.

Product data


Art. no. Model H B D Weight Qty
View image 722020 t 670 mm 1220 mm 510 mm 5.6 kg 1 pcs


Art. no. Transport height Transport length Transport width EAN
722020 85 mm 1220 mm 710 mm 7318127220205 .

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