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Safety Equipment for Wall Ladders

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Make climbing on wall ladders more safe and comfortable by using the right safety equipment. Safety hoop, resting plate, standing board and handrails are availeble for Wibe Ladders aluminum and steel wall ladders. If the fall height is 8 meters or more we recommend a hoop guard.

  • Equip your wall ladder with handrails for easier and safer movement between the wall ladder and the roof. Handrails can be installed together with other safety equipment.
  • With a standing board, you get a large step with a coarse anti slip pattern to stand on in the transition between the wall ladder and roof. The standing board can only be mounted together with handrails or handrails and hoop guard.
  • A safety hoop provides a stable back protection when climbing on a wall ladder. Safety hoop consists of hoops, protective rails and stays being built together into sections of 0.9 m. It is possible to combine several sections to get the length you need. Safety hoops can only be mounted together with handrails.
  • A resting plate is recommended for ladders longer than 6 m. They should be mounted every 6 meters apart inside the hoop guard. The resting plate can only be fitted with a hoop guard.
  • The safety equipment is suitable for both steel and aluminum wall ladders. When installing the safety equipment on the aluminum ladder you need to add profile spacers.

Product data


Art. no. Model Weight
View image 704407 WVGG S SKY 3.3 kg
View image 704408 WVGG S BGS 2.6 kg
View image 706168 WVGG STG 1.9 kg
View image 719927 WVGG HNDL 6 kg
View image 719929 WVGG STANB 3.4 kg
View image 719964 WVGG VILPL 2.5 kg


Art. no. Transport height Transport length Transport width EAN
704407 18 mm 942 mm 40 mm 7318127044078 .
704408 30 mm 690 mm 650 mm 7318127044085 .
706168 23 mm 733 mm 30 mm 7318127061686 .
719927 70 mm 1380 mm 250 mm 7318127199273 .
719929 90 mm 400 mm 190 mm 7318127199297
719964 88 mm 746 mm 202 mm 7318127199648 .

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