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Fixed Slide Protection for Leaning Ladders

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Metal Black

A fixed slide protection prevents the ladder both from tipping over sideways and sliding down along the wall. Available in two different models and colors. A fixed slide protection must be used when a climbing leaning ladder for accessing roofs.

  • Slide protection WTAK GS, is mounted under the roof tile, over the gutter.
  • Slide protection WTAK GS X, is placed under the gutter, which gives you free access to the gutter.
  • The slide protection should be mounted so that the leaning ladder is placed next to the roof ladder not in line with it.
  • Available in black and metallic, both are hot dip galvanized, black is additionally coated.

Product data


Art. no. Model Wibe - Colour Weight
View image 720334 WTAK GS X Metal 2.3 kg
View image 720340 WTAK GS XB Black 2.3 kg
View image 723615 WTAK GS Metal 1.04 kg
View image 723616 WTAK GS B Black 1.04 kg


Art. no. Transport height Transport length Transport width EAN
720334 95 mm 551 mm 140 mm 7318127203345 .
720340 95 mm 551 mm 140 mm 7318127203406 .
723615 90 mm 401 mm 295 mm 7318127236152 .
723616 90 mm 401 mm 295 mm 7318127236169 .

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