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Rope Operated Extending Ladder

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Measure double leaning SF Additional anti-slip protection, well-proportioned locking mechanisms and roughtextured anti-skid devices give these products stability and good anti-skid characteristics. The products well exceed the Ladders for accessing roofs for example, and scaffolding for working at height. The P-mark means that, as a minimum, the product meets statutory and authority requirements, and, in most cases, even more stringent requirements. The P-mark means firstly that the product has been ty Our scaffolding is type tested to AFS 1990:12 and approved to Swedish Standard SSHD 1004, load class 3. Our certificates for scaffolding have the following numbers: 249 401, 249 402, 249 403, 249 405,

This two-section extending ladder has a clever lifting device that extends the ladder to exactly the height you need. The top section is easily raised and lowered by means of a rope. Available on order.

  • Easy-grip rope with steel wire core, located on the outside of the ladder to make climbing easier.
  • Rubber wheels at the top of the ladder mean that the upper section can easily run up and down against the building facade.
  • Automatic locking hooks lock it once the desired ladder length has been reached or if the rope slips from your hands.
  • Non-slip rungs provide extra safety.
  • A Type 5 Stabiliser Bar is included to give the ladder additional stability and safety.

Additional information: Anti-skid (spare part, 4-pack) Art. No. 810136. Must be braced or anchored in accordance with Swedish Work Environment Authority regulations.

Product data


Art. no. Model Stabiliser included B1 L L1 Profile Use as a combination ladder B Number of steps Weight
View image 738510 WHS Y-10 SF Yes 470 mm 10010 mm 5600 mm 80/32 No 550 mm 18+18 38.4 kg
View image 738512 WHS Y-12 SF Yes 470 mm 12410 mm 6800 mm 80/32 No 550 mm 22+22 46.5 kg


Art. no. Transport height Transport length Transport width EAN
738510 150 mm 5520 mm 553 mm 7318127385102 .
738512 150 mm 6910 mm 553 mm 7318127385126 .

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