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My work from above

Working at heights sets high demands on the equipment, but also the user’s awareness of the risks connected to the job. We have interviewed people working at heights to hear what they think about their job and how they stay safe.

Hasse Flogård

Hasse Flogård has been working with industrial sheet metal insulation for 16 years and recently started his own company. The job involves working with insulation, fabricating and installing sheet metal trim pieces – and is always carried out at height. This set high demands on the equipment being qualitative and safe to use.

Hasse's work from above

Johanna Flyckt Gashi

Two years ago, Johanna Flyckt Gashi left her job as interior stylist and started working as buyer for the Swedish brand Svanefors.

Besides purchasing fabric, curtains, carpets and cushion covers she also builds showcases for exhibitions as well as showrooms. A lot of the tasks require that she climbs a ladder.

Johanna's work from above

Johan Hugoh

Johan Hugoh has been working with electricity for 14 years, both as a powerline technician and as a powerline planner at Härryda Energi in Sweden.

The work on aerial lines and transmission stations involves quite a lot of work at heights, in some cases up to 80 meters above the ground.

Johan's work from above

Anders Högberg

Anders Högberg has been working as a construction welder for 16 years. When we meet up with him he is working with installing steel structures on a large house construction outside Gothenburg in Sweden.

The work is carried out at heights up to 30 meters and places great demands on the safety focus.

Anders' work from above