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Ladder 8000 - updated with new rungs.

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Ladder 8000

The 8000 ladders, both the one-piece and the double extension has been updated with new rungs with improved non-slip design.

Wibe Ladders 8000At the same time we are making som changes to the length/overlap to some of the double extension ladders. See highlighted figures in tables in our Product News (pdf).

The updates will be implemented on the different models starting December 2012. The existing advantages remains, such as:

  • Made from aluminium making it very durable.
  • The strong sigma-shaped side profiles provide stability without making the ladder heavy.
  • The strong joints securing the rungs run right through the side profiles.
  • Use a Type 4 Stabiliser Bar with it for additional safety.
Wibe Ladders 8000 new rungs Imagecaption=Old rungs. Wibe Ladders 8000 new rungs Imagecaption=New rungs.

Published 21 December 2012.

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