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Further Increasing Safety in Every Step

Wibe Ladders - Global

The safety of the user is always in focus for ladder manufacturer Wibe Ladders, which is now assessing its range of leaning ladders in order to maximise safety in accordance with current European standards.


Leaning ladder PROF+ comes with both safety legs and extension legs for easy levelling, which simplifies use on uneven surfaces and preventing the ladder from falling sideways or that the base slips away. It is adapted for tough working environments in all weather conditions. The strong BOX profile makes the ladder stable, as well as comfortable to carry. Available in single-section as well as two- and three-section extension models from 3 m to 10 m in length.

“We are proud to offer professional craftsmen the safest possible and most user-friendly leaning ladders on the market. A leaning ladder from the PROF+ category is an incredibly safe, secure and convenient ladder to work on,” says Jesper Östergren, Product Manager at Wibe Ladders.


A stabiliser now comes as standard on all ladders longer than 3 metres in the BASE and PROF categories. A new feature for ladders in the PROF category is that they can now be fitted with safety equipment to achieve the same level of safety as PROF+ ladders. Ladders in the PROF category are based on the same BOX profile and are available as single, double and triple-section from 2 m to 10 m in length. All leaning ladders are prepared for combi-mode to be used as a standing ladder.

“Safety in every step for the user is the single most important aspect of our work at Wibe Ladders. If you don’t have access to scaffolding, then a leaning ladder fitted with the right safety equipment is ultimately the best option for working both efficiently and safely at height,” concludes Jesper Östergren.


The two most common accident risks when working on leaning ladders are ladders falling sideways and bases sliding away from the wall. According to new European standards, the ladder base must now be broadened to minimise these types of accidents. This applies to all ladders longer than 3 metres.

Published 15 October 2020.

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