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New aluminium cases

Wibe Ladders - Global

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Aluminium cases.

Protect your equipment. In our hard-wearing and practical aluminium cases you can safely store tools and sensitive equipment. The cases are stackable and are equipped with extra wide handles for easier handling, storage and transportation.

  • Made from 1 mm sturdy aluminium plate and designed with a close-fitting rubber seal in the lid for reliable protection against damp and dust.
  • Extra wide easy-grip handles which can comfortably fit two hands – helping to improve balance and makes the case easy to lift and carry.
  • Unique design with beveled corners on the lid which simplifies stacking.
  • Module based sizes that enable easy and stable stacking.
  • Extra robust snap-lock in fibreglass reinforced polyamide that can be locked with padlocks..

Wibe Ladders aluminium cases 2

Wibe Ladders aluminium cases 1

Wibe Ladders aluminium cases 3

Published 14 November 2012.

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