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As of May 5th 2011 a number of selected Wibe Ladders trestles and ladders carry a "Good Work Environment label". It is the result of Wibe Ladders collaboration with Skanska Sverige AB and Ahlsell, in an initiative that aims to increase user safety of trestles, ladders and platforms.

During the spring of 2010 Skanska Sverige AB and Ahlsell commenced a project aiming to offer products that contribute to safe work environments and the elimination of "hazardous" products from construction sites over time. Wibe Ladders became involved in the project, as the leading supplier of ladders and trestles, and the three partners have developed a selection of products that meet all the demands.

"We focus on safety by delivering dependable products and to show our customers how to use them properly. In the project that we co-partnered with Skanska Sverige AB we have identified an opportunity to spread safety consciousness on a broader scale in the industry at the same time as we build the foundation for the next generation ladders, says Robert Agerskog," Product Manager at Wibe Ladders.

There are about 700 accidents involving ladders that result in fall injuries per year, each causing an average of 50 days absence from work. Statistics from the Swedish government agency handling work environment matters also indicates that there are a couple of fatal ladder accidents in Sweden each year.

"Contributing toward improved safety is an important part of our role as supplier of trestles and ladders. Common standards for all national builders, and hopefully soon in the whole industry, will make it easier for the subcontractors", says Robert Agerskog.

Skanska Sverige AB and Ahlsell have informed the customers that are national builders about the project with the request to create a uniform view in the industry. There has been a high interest and several companies have already answered that they will adhere to the project's selection criteria, anchor it in the organization and contribute to the propagation of the information. All articles that meet the standards are presented in an online catalogue here.

"All products that carry the "Good Work Environment label" exceed the legislative demands and EU guidelines. Each product is the result of years worth of knowledge, experience and product development that has lead up to the highest possible quality and safety according to today's standards", says Robert Agerskog.

For further information, please contact: Robert Agerskog, Product Manager at Wibe Ladders, phone: +46 33 723 74 58, e-mail: : .

Published 01 November 2011.

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