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Nor-Bas Rescue Platform.

Wibe Ladders - Global

Wibe Ladders are launching a new rescue platform in the Nor-Bas product range. The platform is especially developed to meet the extremely tough requirements of fire and rescue services and is approved for loads up to 500 kg.

Wibe Ladders new rescue platform Nor-Bas

The platform is easily erected with a few simple grips and offers a large work surface ideal for working around for example trucks and buses. Individually adjustable legs make it possible to erect the platform levelled and stable on uneven ground. The platform height is 900 mm and each leg can be extended an additional 450 mm.

The work surface has drain holes and a very coarse surface that gives excellent grip for the person working on it. The anti-slip feet also has the same kind of coarse surface and gives it great traction on most surfaces. The legs, the platform and the guard rail are made of aluminium and the joints are made of steel.

Wibe Ladders new rescue platform Nor-Bas

Both the guard rail and the legs can easily be folded in underneath the platform for maximum space efficiency during transportation. If the platform needs to be secured during transportation or when working on a slippery surface there are loops mounted along the side of the frame.

Published 24 June 2013.

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