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Step Stool 20TP - Step Right Up and See

Wibe Ladders - Global

Introducing the BASE Step Stool 20TP. A small, safe step stool—lightweight, versatile, and always there when you need it.

An aluminum step stool with safety features. “Our Step Stool 20TP is a ladder for craftsmen, designed to be so easy to fold and carry you’ll always have it on hand,” says Jesper Östergren, Wibe Ladders Product Manager. “In a shop or warehouse, at home or at work—it’s versatile, safe and reliable.”

A clean profile.

The Step Stool 20TP looks clean and is clean. It’s constructed of anodized aluminium, which means your hands and clothes don’t get dirty so you can focus on the work.

Easy to carry and store.

Step Stool 20TP comes in two sizes—the smallest weighing just three kilos. Easy to fold, transport, carry and store, so it’s always there when you need to do some work or reach a little higher up.

Great when you’re in narrow spaces—and different places.

The step stool is ideal for narrow spaces. Because it’s so light and portable, it’s also extra-useful for electricians and other professionals who need to change position frequently as they work. And it features ergonomic, 120 mm-deep steps on both sides—40 mm deeper than on the standard step stool—so you’re at ease and comfortable when working for longer periods.

BASE level step stool.

The BASE Step Stool 20TP is a go-to, small aluminium step stool for professional craftsmen who occasionally need a ladder for their homes or on the job.

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Published 27 April 2021.

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