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New telescopic ladders

Wibe Ladders - Global

Now we are launching two new models of telescopic ladders. The TL-model in our Home segment is 2.9 meter long. TLP in our Prof segment is available in two lengths 3.4 meter and 4.0 meter.

The great advantage of telescopic ladders is of course that they are easy to transport and store. They fit easily in the car or in a storage room. Another great advantage is that they can be used at just the length you need, making them ideal for indoor use and in tight spaces. Our home ladder is perfect for work in the house, the garden or around the boat. Our Prof ladder is perfect for, for example, service technicians who work in tight spaces and move frequently.

The difference between the two models, apart from the different lengths is that the TLP model has a stabiliser that reduces the risk that the ladders will slide sideways and arms at the top so that the ladder gets a distance to the wall and you can grab the top rung. The two models also have different solutions to minimize the risk of pinch injuries.

The TL model has a distance between the rungs in retracted mode while the TLP model has an air-braking closing mechanism that retracts the ladder in a controlled motion. The big difference between the solutions is that the TLP model becomes more compact in retracted mode.

Both ladder models are approved according to European Standard EN 131.

Published 09 April 2018.

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