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Trestle 3500 - updated with end protectors.

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Trestle 3500

From January 2013 the trestle 3500 will be updated with plastic end protectors. The end protectors prevent items like cables becoming trapped in the hinged area. The existing advantages remains such as:

  • Strong aluminium profile provides stability without making the trestle heavy.
  • Large and stable standing area of 300x620 mm.
  • Two sturdy braces lock the trestle in its open position, providing additional stability.
  • The treads are 80 mm deep with high ridges for enhanced non-slip safety.
  • Splayed legs provide increased stability.

Trestle 3500 Wibe Ladders Trestle 3500 Wibe Ladders

Published 20 December 2012.

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