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Upgraded scaffolding towers.

Wibe Ladders - Global

We have upgraded our scaffolding range for the Swedish market so all models comply to the new regulations put forth by the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmijöverket) in AFS 2013: 4.

More components, in the form of ladders, guardrails and in some cases platforms, are required to live up to the higher safety standards. All of these components are now part of our upgraded and complete XR-packages, so that our scaffolding models are still just as easy to order as before.

In addition, we have had our upgraded models type approved by SP - The Technical Research institute of Sweden - so you can be confident that you can work safely and according to the rules.

What do the new rules mean? 

  • Double guardrails are now required on all platform placed above two meters.
  • All levels must be completely covered with platforms, which mean that RT 1400XR need dual platforms at all levels.
  • It is no longer allowed to climb on 
    the frames when the top platform is placed higher than 2.5 meters. Instead ladders or stairs must be used.

Our packages are complete with all the required components and type-approved by SP.

In addition, the requirements for ballast when building 8.2 meter scaffolding outdoors has changed due to a change in the calculation models for the type approval.



Our rolling towers RT and our larger trade scaffolding FT are now available in XR-version (RT 1400XR, RT750XR and FT 750XR). This means that they are complete with the additional components required to follow the rules of AFS 2013:4.

Our stair tower ST and our smaller trade scaffolding WHS have only needed minor adjustments to comply with the new rules and has therefore been allowed to keep their old model designations ST 1400 and WHS 400.

Have a closer look at our different models here.


The requirements for training have also changed with the new rules and new penalties have been introduced for those who build, substantially alter or dismantle scaffolding without having the right training.

Wibe Ladders offer three courses required for building trade scaffolding up to 2 meters, rolling towers up to 5 meters and scaffolding up to 9 meters.

Published 09 February 2015.

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