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We celebrate 90 years by launching a robust step ladder

Wibe Ladders - Global

Ninety years after we made our first ladder we now launch the step ladder 90P – a sturdy yet user-friendly premium product with side rails and a robust, extra-large platform.

"We have seen a need to expand our range of robust step ladders with large platforms," says Wibe Ladders product manager Anton Lövgren. “There is also a market demand for a sturdy yet easy-to-handle ladder for really demanding tasks. With the launch of 90P, we complete our range while we also meet the requirements of the construction companies as well as the craftsmen's desire for a product that is easy to handle."

According to Anton Lövgren, the new model is a combination of proven technology and new innovations developed in close collaboration with craftsmen.

“The design is based on the users' needs and the companies' requirements combined with our 90 years of experience and great expertise in the development of high-quality step ladders. There are no shortcuts to a great ladder, it requires a comprehensive approach with security in every step,” he says.

Approved according to ”Bra arbetsmiljöval” up to 2 meters

”Bra arbetsmiljöval” regulations have been developed by the National Builder’s security group in Sweden (Riksbyggarnas säkerhetsgrupp) in order to reduce the number of workplace accidents. The regulations were launched in Sweden in 2012 and are now implemented in Norway as well. Finland has a similar system called VNA.

"The big contractors in Scandinavia are increasingly demanding that tools and equipment are approved according to Bra arbetsmiljöval," says Anton Lövgren. “This means that subcontractors must be aware of and learn about these regulations. They simply have to meet the requirements in order not to be shut out from the workplaces. With 90P, they can be sure of having a step ladder that meets all these requirements.”

Made in Nässjö, Sweden

90P is manufactured in our own factory in Nässjö, Sweden, with extensive quality controls throughout the process. According to Anton Lövgren, the result is a product that allows the users to do their job in a safe and efficient manner.

“It is a very stable and robust ladder that is nevertheless easy to handle. It has an extra-large platform with 2-way anti-slip protection, fall protection on three sides and an ergonomic design that enables the users to stand completely relaxed and focus entirely on their job. 90P is in every way a true premium ladder with very long service life. If you ask me, it's probably the best ladder ever designed.”

The new step ladder 90P will be launched in August 2019.

Published 19 August 2019.

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