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In our Safety Guide you will find everything you need to know about our ladders. Everything from assembly instructions to legal requirements and guidelines on how to use a ladder in a correct way.

Work safely

To be able to work safely, you need to consider three steps; you need to choose the right product, use the product correct and then after using you need to regularly inspect the ladder.

Learn how to work safely

Bra arbetsmiljöval

A good choice for working safe.

By choosing a product labelled with ‘Bra Arbetsmiljöval’ you can be sure that the product meets more requirements than the basic ones needed to get an approval.

Learn more about the label

The worlds toughest requirements are not enough.

So we do the tests another 99,999 times!

How safe can a ladder be? In our view, there are actually no limits. So we are not just satisfied with meeting the toughest standards set by European authorities

Check out our testing

Manuals, Certificates and Instructions

Are you looking for a document? We have put all our manuals, certificates and instructions here (pdf format).

View our documents

Law & regulatory requirements

All our products are subjected to testing by SP – the Technical Research Institute of Sweden – for type approval in accordance with current standards.

Learn more about laws and regulations

Watch our videos

Videos for how to use and what to use.

We have created a serie of videos for education and instructions.

Watch our videos


Find answers to the most common questions about ladders and scaffolding, safety and regulations!

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