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Bra Arbetsmiljöval - Good Choice for Safe Work

Wibe Ladders - Global

The label Bra Arbetsmiljöval is developed to increase safety when working at height. It means that the product in addition to the requirements to get an approval, also meets a number of additional requirements. Read more about them below. The label is developed  by the Riksbyggarnas säkerhetsgrupp (National Builders' security group), consisting of NCC, Veidekke, Svevia, Skanska, Peab and JM.

Our assortment of approved products

Wibe Ladders has nine approved models of ladders, trestles and platforms in a total of 24 different heights. Follow the link below to see all of our approved products. Keep in mind that some of the models' heights are not approved.

Take a look at our assortment of products labeled with Bra Arbetsmiljöval.

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