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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Wibe Ladders - Global
  • Are your ladders type examined and approved?

    Yes, all of our ladders and scaffolding is type examined by SP Technical Research Institute, according to current standards.

    In addition, we regularly carry out own own tests to ensure that our ladders are of the highest quality.

  • What laws are applicable when to work on ladders and scaffolds?

    There are different rules for ladders and scaffolds and moreover it depends on whether you should work professionally on ladders or use them at home.

  • What shall we consider in order to work safely on ladders?

    There is plenty to think about. We usually summarize it in three steps Select the right product, Use it correct, and Inspect the product regularly.

    For those who want to learn more, we have an Academy that gives four different training in safe work on ladders and scaffolding. In addition, we also offer stage inspections.

    Our security instructor is also organizes safety events and answer any questions about the security steps.

  • What can I repair on a ladder?

    Details that are screwed in place can usually be replaced. If the details are riveted or crimped you can not usually repair the products yourself.

  • What is Bra Arbetsmiljöval and do you have any products with that label?

    Bra Arbetsmiljöval (Good Choice for Safe Work) is a label for safer ladder products,created by National Builders' security group (Sweden).

  • Does Wibe Ladders have any environmental certification?

    Yes, Wibe Ladders are certified according to ISO 14 001  and we work to continuously improve our environmental performance. We are concerned by the EU's REACH legislation.

    The business is defined as downstream users because we do not manufacture or import chemical products to the European market. We control our chemicals through ECO-Online's register.

    Sustainable development is an opportunity for Wibe Ladders and Hultafors Group - it aims to create long-term profitability for our company. We strive to develop and produce products that fulfil the sustainability requirements to contribute to a better society long-term. Our ambition is to perform to a high standard of sustainability.

  • I have lost my mounting instructions, can I download a new one from your website?

    Of course you can download the mounting instructions from our website! You can find them both among our product pages and under our Safety Guide.

  • How do I set my ladder into a combi function?

    You need a stabiliser (including a safety strap that comes with stabiliser). It can differ between different models, on how to turn it into a combi ladder. 

  • I have an old modular ladder, can I combine it with a newer modular ladder?

    Yes, our old modular ladders (which has article number starting with 7) can be combined with our newer ladders with a article number starting with 8.

  • Are your ladders EX-classified (Classified for use in explosive atmospheres)?

    Since 2003.

    In the European Community/EFTA there is a directive that relates to this:
    Directive 94/9/EC on equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Also called ATEX (from french ATmosphères EXplosibles).

    According to the directive paragraph 5.2.1, ladders are not covered in the directive, and as a result cannot be certified.

    Extract from Directive 94/9/EC
    5.2 Examples for equipment not covered by Directive 94/9/EC
    5.2.1 "Simple" products

    For "simple" electrical products, European harmonised standards provide a good basis to assess the effectiveness of electrical ignition source and, consequently, to determine whether or not these can be considered effective or not.

    In general, many simple mechanical products do not fall under the scope of Directive 94/9/EC as they do not have their own source of ignition (see chapter 3.7.2). Examples without own source of ignition are hand tools such as hammers, spanners, saws and ladders.

    Our products are certified according to EN131 and the Swedish regulation AFS 2004:3. Read more here about Law and regulatory requirements.

  • Can I shorten my steel ladder to make it better fit my roof?

    Yes, you can. We recommend that you use a hacksaw. After cutting the surface needs to be treated to prevent corrosion. Use a cold galvanizing-product, like zink spray or zink coating. Avoid making a cut closer to a step than 10 cm.

    For safer climbing the joint between two ladders should be the same distance as between two steps. Therefore, only cut your ladder at the upper or lower end.

  • Why can a ladder not be CE marked?

    Only product groups covered by a specific European legislation can be CE marked. Ladders do not belong to such a product group. The reason why some of our leaning ladders have a CE mark on the label is because they also can be used as a permanently fixed roof ladder.

    As a permanently fixed roof ladder, the ladder is considered as building material and covered by a legislation that allows the CE-mark. If you find stepladders, trestles or similar products with a CE mark, they are incorrectly labeled, which is a criminal offense. Learn more about which products that can be CE marked on the European Commission’s webpage.

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