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Are your ladders EX-classified (Classified for use in explosive atmospheres)?

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Since 2003.

In the European Community/EFTA there is a directive that relates to this:
Directive 94/9/EC on equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Also called ATEX (from french ATmosphères EXplosibles).

According to the directive paragraph 5.2.1, ladders are not covered in the directive, and as a result cannot be certified.

Extract from Directive 94/9/EC
5.2 Examples for equipment not covered by Directive 94/9/EC
5.2.1 "Simple" products

For "simple" electrical products, European harmonised standards provide a good basis to assess the effectiveness of electrical ignition source and, consequently, to determine whether or not these can be considered effective or not.

In general, many simple mechanical products do not fall under the scope of Directive 94/9/EC as they do not have their own source of ignition (see chapter 3.7.2). Examples without own source of ignition are hand tools such as hammers, spanners, saws and ladders.

Our products are certified according to EN131 and the Swedish regulation AFS 2004:3. Read more here about Law and regulatory requirements.

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