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Guidelines for ladders

Wibe Ladders - Global

Label laddersApproval of ladders - essential

All ladders that are sold must be approved under current standards.


Current standards

All Wibe Ladders' ladders are tested by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) according to their test routine that is described in SPCR064.

  • Ladders applies to EN131 and the stringent Swedish standard SS2091.
  • Wall and roof products applies to SS-EN 12951 and the 'Boverket" BBR's regulations 8:241. In addition, SS831340 and SS831342 are valid for wall ladders.

Requirements of the swedish work environment authority

In addition to standards, there are rules. The Swedish Work Environment Authority issues regulations governing the professional use of products such as ladders. The regulations also contain requirements that we as producers have to consider when designing our ladders.

  • Ladders and trestles applies to AFS 2004:3.

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