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Guidelines for scaffolds

Wibe Ladders - Global

Approval of scaffoldS - essential

All scaffolds that are sold must be approved under current standards.


Current standards

All Wibe Ladders' scaffolds are tested by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) according to their test routine that is described in SPCR064.

  • Scaffoldings applies to SS-EN 1004.

Requirements of the Swedish Work Environment Authority

In addition to standards, there are rules. The Swedish Work Environment Authority issues regulations governing the professional use of scaffolding. The regulations also contain requirements that we as producers have to take into account when selecting our ladder products.

  • Scaffolding applies to AFS 1990:12 and amending regulations AFS 1994:14; AFS 1995:07; AFS 2003:05 and AFS 2004:4.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket) recently published new rules (AFS 2013:4) concerning the design and use of scaffolding in Sweden.

  • Double guardrails are now required on all platforms placed above two meters.
  • All levels must be completely covered with platforms, which mean that RT 1400XR need dual platforms at all levels.
  • It is no longer allowed to climb on the frames when the top platform is placed higher than 2.5 meters. Instead ladders or stairs must be used.

Our packages are complete with all the required components and type-approved by SP.

In addition, the requirements for ballast when building 8.2 meter scaffolding outdoors has changed due to a change in the calculation models for the type approval.

The requirements for training have also changed with the new rules and new penalties have been introduced for those who build, substantially alter or dismantle scaffolding without having the right training. Read more about the new rules here (Swedish).

Wibe Ladders offer three courses required for building trade scaffolding up to 2 meters, rolling towers up to 5 meters and scaffolding up to 9 meters. You can read more about our training here (Swedish).

Required documentation

On the 1st of July 2006, the stricter rules for scaffolding were enforced. The Swedish Work Environment Authority has issued the publication ADI 451, which explains what those rules mean. ADI 451 can be downloaded from the Health Board's website at no cost.

ADI 451 describes the requirements for documentation that is available. These requirements state that a risk assessment and a plan for construction must be established. Further information concerning the scaffold must be included. Facts about the scaffold should also be on the mounted scaffold.

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