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Learn how to work safely

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In the following chapter you will find comprehensive information about choosing the right product for your work, how to use a ladder correctly and how you can get help to make sure your ladder is safe.

Choosing the right product.

When you plan to use a ladder as a tool, you should first consider what type of work you need to perform, how often you use it and how heavy the work is that you intend to carry out.

If you need to work with both hands and for a longer period of time, it is better to use a scaffold instead of standing on a ladder. Read more or try our ladder configurator.

Use the ladder correctly.

The by far most common causes for accidents when using ladders is that the ladder falls over sideways or that the base slides out from the wall while the top slides downwards. Important factors to consider in order to avoiding these accidents, and others, are the positioning of the ladder, bracing or anchoring the ladder and the condition of the ground. Read more.

Inspect the ladder.

By continuously performing inspections of your ladders you will be assured that they have not been damaged during handling or storage. The person that is going to climb the ladder should also inspect it before use - all for a safer job. Read more.

Wibe Ladders can also help companies in Sweden to inspect ladders and scaffolding.

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