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3. Inspect the ladder.

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Are your ladders, trestles and scaffolds safe for use?

Wibe Ladders can help companies in Sweden to inspect ladders and scaffolding. Contact us for more information.

By continuously performing inspections of your ladders you will be assured that they have not been damaged during handling or storage. The person that is going to climb the ladder should also inspect it before use - all for a safer job.

  • Always inspect the ladder before use.
  • Damaged parts, e.g. end protection, shall be replaced. You can find information about spare parts here.
  • Parts screwed to the construction, or alike, may be replaced if conducted in accordance with valid assembling instruction.
  • Parts that are permanently fitted to the constructions should not be replaced by an unauthorized person.
  • Repair of parts permanently fitted to the construction should be conducted by the manufacturer. Damaged ladders that cannot be repaired shall be destroyed.

Use our checklist to inspect your ladder.

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