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Stairway towers and Scaffolds.

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Complete scaffolding from Wibe Ladders is now easier to order and handle.

Stairway Towers and Scaffoldings from Wibe Ladders are now easy to order. With our new scaffolding range you can either order a complete scaffold for the height required, or choose to start with a basic package and later add-on extension packages to reach the new desired height.

In the add-on package you will find everything you need to reach a higher platform-height. Wibe Ladders have focused on making it simple for our customers. Complete scaffolding comes complete with platforms every two meters of height, toe boards, lockable wheels, braces and stabilizing supporting legs.

Wibe Ladders scaffolding packaging scaffolds

For craftsmen building and dismounting their scaffolds, the new range makes it easier and more pleasant when handling scaffolding parts. The platform side profiles are easy to grip and ergonomically designed to make it more comfortable when carrying, lifting or pulling the platforms up and down in the scaffolding.

Wibe Ladders scaffolding scaffolds locking clampLocking clamps are equipped with a new ergonomic grip. The cleverly designed locking clamps have a pistol-type grip with room for two fingers, giving you more power and making it easier when installing / dismounting the braces. The impact-resistant locking clamp can also rest on a frame pin without locking by mistake. Clear color-coding on braces and supporting legs increases safety both when building and using the scaffold.

Safety during use is as always a top priority in the Wibe Ladders product range - so there's no exception when it comes to our new scaffolding range. Our complete scaffold always includes platforms every 2nd meter of building height, toe boards, supporting legs and lockable braces. The braces connect new sections with underlying sections, which increases safety when building the scaffold. Together with our customers, and as a result of many user studies, we have developed a very robust design that has been built to last for many years in the rough Nordic climate.

The new scaffolding range consists of 4 different scaffolds that are all approved according to EN 1004 Class 3 and type-tested by SP under SPCR 064.

Wibe Ladders divider with frame

The new product range in Wibe Ladders consists of the following scaffolding:

Wibe Ladders scaffolding stairway tower st 1400Stairway Tower ST 1400.
Platform heights 2.2 - 12.2 m
(platform 1.4 x 2,5 m).
Wibe Ladders scaffolding rolling tower rt 1400Rolling Tower RT 1400.
Platform heights 2.2 - 12.2 m
(platform 1.4 x 2,5 m).
Wibe Ladders scaffolding rolling tower rt 750Rolling Tower RT 750.
Platform heights 2.2 - 12.2 m
(platform 0.75 x 2,5 m).
Wibe Ladders scaffolding foldable scaffold ft 1400Foldable Scaffold FT 750.
Platform heights 1.8 - 5.8 m
(platform 0.75 x 1,8 m).

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