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Scaffolding - All inclusive

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Wibe Ladders scaffolding range is developed for the harsh northern climate but packaged like an all-inclusive vacation to the Bahamas. With our complete package solutions you get everything you need to work safely and according to the rules.


For each height there is a complete package. For example you get toe boards, stabilisers and platforms for every two meters in height which makes it safer to build and easier to send parts to the next level. All parts are also available as spares, so you can always get a replacement if something gets damaged during use or transport. Just remember that if you are building 8 meters outdoors you need to order ballast separately.

5 models with load class 3

Our range includes robust stair towers, rolling towers and trade scaffolding. All are of load class 3 and have been manufactured to the same high requirements of strength and stability. Which you choose depends on how hard you work, if you work high or low, inside or outdoors, for shorter or longer periods of time. Read more about which model you should choose down below.

  • ST 1400

    A stair tower is the best choice if you are going to perform longer work on higher heights and need to carry heavy or cumbersome material. The stable stairs with deep steps makes transportation up and down the scaffolding easier and the large hatch makes it easier to get through. Platform heights up to 12 meters indoors and 8 meters outdoors.

    Stairway tower ST 1400
  • RT 1400 & RT 750

    A rolling tower is a good choice for work at higher heights. There is a wider model (RT 1400) for more stability and space to move around and a slimmer model (RT 750) for work in narrow spaces and easier transportation. Platform heights up to 12 meters indoors and 8 meters outdoors.

    Rolling tower RT 1400 & RT 750
  • FT 750

    Trade scaffolding FT 750 is a more compact alternative, making it easier to handle and transport. The maximum platform height is 5,8 meters. The foldable bottom frame makes them easier to build; at the lowest height you only need the frame, wheels, and a platform.

    Trade scaffolding FT 750
  • WHS 400

    The WHS 400 is our most basic model. The compact size and the foldable bottom frame makes it easy to handle and transport. It consists of 3 packs (A, B and C). Both the A-pack and B-pack can be used as stand alones. You can also combine the three packages and get a scaffolding with a 2,2 meter platform height.

    Foldable Tower WHS 400

Convenient and easy to handle

On our latest models – ST, RT and FT - we have worked a lot on the small details that makes the scaffolding comfortable and easy to handle. The locking clamps have a pistol grip with room for two fingers, giving you more power. The impact-resistant locking clamps can also rest on the frame without locking by mistake.

The different braces are colour coded to make it easier to distinguish between them. The brakes for the wheels and locks for frames, platforms and hatches are also colour coded so it’s easy to find them and remember to lock them.

The side profiles for the platform have a grip-friendly design to make it easier to lift and carry them.

Gives extra stability when building high

Our ST- and RT-models are equipped with sturdy and height-adjustable, 200 mm wheels with robust mountings that goes far up in the frames. It gives the entire scaffolding a solid foundation which gives extra stability even when you build really high.

The scaffoldings are also braced with diagonal bracing between each 2 meter frame section. This adds to the stability by locking the sections together.

Choosing scaffolding

Don’t know which model to choose? It depends on what height you need to work at, where you’re working and what kind of job you are doing.

Learn more about choosing scaffolding

Work Safely

To be able to work safely, you need to consider three steps; you need to choose the right product, use the product correctly and then after using you need to regularly inspect the ladder after using it.

Learn how to work safely

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