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Developed from your perspective

Step Ladder 55P

A robust ladder for everyday, professional use.

Our standing ladder 55P is available in 3 to 12 step-versions.

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A lighter ladder for tasks that are fast and easy.

Our standing ladder 44P is available from 3 to 7 steps.

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We have paid a lot of attention to the small details that make the ladders comfortable to work with. Developed from your perspective

  • Large and smooth steps

    The ladders have large and smooth step fronts without unnecessary edges, which makes them comfortable to lean the shin against.

  • Underside of the platform

    The undersides of the platforms are designed to close quietly.

  • Grip friendly profiles

    The new side profiles are easy to grip and make the ladders comfortable to carry. The profiles are anodized to avoid staining hands and clothes.

  • Shelf gives good support

    The high placement of the shelf gives you good support. It also gives you great space to move. Since it is placed above the front of the platform, you can use the entire platform surface.

  • Protective anti-skids

    The anti-skids also protect around the profile so you don’t risk damaging your surroundings with the end of the profiles.

Always on the move...

"When I’m out driving and meet a craftsman’s car with a ladder on the roof it is usually our 55P that is strapped to the roof rack. We couldn’t ask for a better seal of approval. It always makes me happy.”

Robert Agerskog, Product manager

Stepping it up with 55P and 44P

But what is the difference between these two models of standing ladders?

55P vs 44P - Check them out!