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55P vs 44P

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We have two new standing ladders. But what is the difference between them?

55P is designed for the hard, every day work of professional craftsmen. Sturdy aluminum profiles as well as a platform and shelf in metal gives you a really sturdy ladder with a long service life.

44P is a ladder for the easier and faster jobs. A shelf and platform in plastics and narrower side profiles makes it a little lighter. But it doesn’t have quite the same sturdiness of the 55P and the design also limits the platform height of 1.7 meters compared with 55P that can be made up to 3 meters.

Check out our comparision page here.

Flow drilling screw

Most ladders do not wear out because of climbing, but because of other handling. Our new ladders are mounted using FDS (Flow Drilling Screws) technology, resulting in an attachment with increased stability, and thus a longer service life for the whole ladder.

Made in Nässjö

2016 marks our factory’s 20 year anniversary in Nässjö. Just in time for this, a new production cell for our new step ladders was installed in the factory. The new cell has given us the possibility to work with more advanced manufacturing technology, such as FDS screws and better radial-riveting technology.

It’s thanks to this new technology that we have been able to construct ladders that are more comfortable, stable and safe.

Watch a video that shows how the new production cell was installed cell at our factory in Nässjö.

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