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A lighter ladder for the faster and easy jobs.

Step Ladder 44P

Wibe Ladders - Global

The 44P is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a lighter ladder for professional use. The 44P fits service technicians, electricians and other professionals who often need to move around with the ladder.

A light and slim ladder

The 44P has a simpler design with slimmer profiles, shelf in UV resistant and impact modified polypropylene and a platform in fiberglass reinforced polymer.

Innovative fastening FSD technology provides a stable construction with minimal flex and a really long service life.

Product Data

Our step ladder 44P is available in 5 different platform heights between 0,7 and 1,7 meters.

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Flow drilling screw

Most ladders do not wear out because of climbing, but because of other handling. Our new ladders are mounted using FDS (Flow Drilling Screws) technology, resulting in an attachment with increased stability, and thus a longer service life for the whole ladder.

Developed from your perspective

  • Large and smooth steps

    The ladders have large and smooth step fronts without unnecessary edges, which makes them comfortable to lean the shin against.

  • Grip friendly profiles

    Grip friendly profiles make the ladders comfortable to carry. The side profiles are anodised to avoid staining of hands and clothes.

  • Deep steps with anti-slip protection

    80 mm deep, anti-slip protected steps for comfortable and safe climbing.

  • Platforms with anti-slip pattern

    Platforms with a bidirectional anti-slip pattern give you a safe surface to stand on.

  • Locking steel braces

    Steel braces lock the ladders and prevent them from both sliding apart and being pushed together by mistake.

  • Safety equipment for more safety

    Stabiliser, support legs and hand rails are available as optional safety equipment for those who want an even safer ladder.

  • Type approval in accordance with current standards

    All our products are subjected to testing by SP – the Technical Research Institute of Sweden – for type approval in accordance with current standards. In addition we also perform our own regular tests, supervised by SP, so that we can be sure that all our products meet the high standards we claim of them.

    The ladders are approved according to EN-131 and AFS 2004:3

Academy - Get educated for safer work

Wibe Ladders Academy offers courses in two areas, ladder safety and scaffolding. You will learn how to work safely and according to the rules so that you save both your body and money.

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Work Safely

To be able to work safely, you need to consider three steps; you need to choose the right product, use the product correctly and then after using you need to regularly inspect the ladder after using it.

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