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Work platforms

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A work platform is a versatile tool that can be used for a varied range of tasks such as, maintenance, painting, installation work and warehouse work.

With a work platform you get a larger platform, better fall protection and higher stability than on a normal ladder. You are safer with fall protection on four sides and can work with both hands.

The larger platforms and sturdy fall protection gives you good room for movement and balance so that you can focus on your task and work more efficiently. A work platform is also a good alternative to scaffolding, they are, for example easier to manage since they don’t require any assembly.

You can choose between 3 different models. The HAP and the WP that are based on the same lightweight aluminum construction and the TMR that is based on a robust steel construction. Whichever model you choose, you get a reliable tool with a large platform and sturdy fall protection on four sides.

Light and agile work platform, WP.

WP is the lightest model, the aluminium construction makes it sturdy but still easy to handle.

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Height adjustable work platform, HAP

HAP is height adjustable, which makes it very flexible and useful in many different situations. You can be sure that you can always find a good working position so that you can focus on the job.

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TMR, Robust and stable, up to 3 meters

TMR is based on a really sturdy steel construction. You climb on a stair with deep steps and a more comfortable inclination which makes the work both safer and more comfortable.

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Wibe Ladders work platforms features

  • Easy to transport

    Double sets of wheels and a compact and lightweight aluminum construction make the HAP and WP very easy to move and transport - both folded and unfolded.

  • Comfortable and safe climbing

    A less steep inclination on the stair and 110 mm deep steps make TMR extra safe and comfortable for anyone climbing up and down a lot.

  • Work on the right height

    Our work platforms are available in a total of nine different platform heights from 1 to 3 meters.

  • Large platforms

    All three models have sturdy platforms in steel, you get a stable surface to stand on and plenty of space to move around so you can work efficiently.

  • Flexibility with a height adjustable platform

    HAP is height adjustable between 1.1 and 2 meters which makes it very flexible and useful in many different situations. You can be sure that you can always find a good working position so that you can focus on the job.

  • Fall protection on four sides

    All platforms have fall protection on four sides giving you a safer workplace with good support.

  • Collapsable

    HAP and WP are collapsable for easy transport and storage.

Bra arbetsmiljöval

All our new work platforms - HAP, WP and TMR - meets the requirements for the Swedish label “Bra arbetsmiljöval” which means that they are a good choice for safe work. This applies to all platform heights.

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Academy - Get educated for safer work

Wibe Ladders Academy offers courses in two areas, ladder safety and scaffolding. You will learn how to work safely and according to the rules so that you save both your body and money.

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Work Safely

To be able to work safely, you need to consider three steps; you need to choose the right product, use the product correctly and then after using you need to regularly inspect the ladder after using it.

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