is the newgreen.

Our yellow ladders have become greener

Many people recognize our ladders on the yellow color. But now we are launching a certified aluminum with a reduced carbon footprint and hope that our yellow ladders will also be known to be a greener alternative. By using renewable energy when we manufacture our aluminum, we can save large amounts of carbon dioxide. The emissions from the smelting process are 75% lower compared to if we had used aluminum from world-average production.

Here in the smelting process, we use renewable energy such as Nordic hydropower and Icelandic geothermal energy. This means that our supplier of aluminum can guarantee that the emissions in the smelting process are not more than 4 kilos of carbon dioxide equivalents per kilo of aluminum produced.

Bauxite Extraction

Alumina Production

Aluminium smelting

Profile Extrusion

Ladder Assembly

When you produce aluminum, you start with a clay soil called bauxite. From it, alumina is produced which is then smelted down to pure aluminum. It is the smelting process that is the most energy-intensive part of the process and this is where we can make a big saving by use renewable energy. Once you got the pure aluminium it is extruded into profiles that we finally take home to our factory in Nässjö where we build our ladders.


The green bar to the left shows the CO2 emissions in our smelting process, max 4 kg CO2 per kg aluminum. The bar to the right show aluminium from world average production with emissions 4 times as high.

Our first ladder made of recycled aluminium

One of our best trestles, the 5500+ is now manufactured using recycled aluminium. You get the same heavy-duty design but now with a much smaller environmental impact. The carbon footprint of our recycled aluminium is guaranteed to not exceed 2.3 kg CO2e per kg aluminium, which is about 85% less than the world average.

How much can we save on a regular ladder or trestle?

It might not be very easy to grasp the difference of 4 or 16 kg of carbon dioxide, so let's look at what it means for some of our most popular products instead. If you for example buy a regular step ladder 55P or trestle 55AB, we save about as much carbon dioxide as driving from Berlin to Brussels with an average Swedish petrol car. A trip may not sound like much - but we manufacture a lot of ladders and trestles in a year.

All products manufactured in our factory in Nässjö contain certified aluminum to varying degrees. Below you will find some of our greenest products that are built entirely of certified aluminum profiles.

Our greenest ladders and trestles