NOR-BAS Fire & Rescue Ladders

Wibe Ladders is the Nordic region’s leading manufacturer of ladder products and scaffolding for professional users. We have over 90 years of experience in manufacturing quality ladders and our NOR-BAS ladders are without a doubt the best we’ve got, wider, more durable, better equipped and more well thought out than anything else in our range.

No mission is impossible!

We have a complete range that has been developed in collaboration with the rescue service to cope with the extremely tough working conditions that the rescue personnel face.

We offer a complete range of fire and rescue ladders developed in cooperation with the fire and rescue services. It consists of extension ladders between 8 and 14 metres, a set of section ladder which can be used as a pulley block, lifting crane, bridge, roof ladder and a quayside ladder as well as a rescue platform, a roofing nail ladder and roof support for the ladders.

Made by Wibe Ladders in Nässjö Sweden

Our ladders are produced in our factory in Nässjö, Sweden. There we can also provide training in inspection, maintenance and repair of ours products.

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