Choose the right standing ladder

What standing ladder to choose depends on what task you are going to perform, at what height and for how long. In this guide we will go through the benefits of some of our most popular standing ladders.

Choose the right standing ladder. 200P is our best step ladder yet.Choose the right standing ladder. 200P is our best step ladder yet.

For safety and comfort at lower heights

A standing ladder is an excellent resource at work and home alike. It is just right when working at slightly lower heights. It is adaptable and easily folded, making it easy to carry and store away.

Our step ladders are designed to be as safe and practical as possible. This means, for instance, that they all have wide non-slip treads, secured by heavy-duty mounts to their side profiles. Some have a shelf where you can put your tools and other things. We have made stability and durability a priority to guarantee the safety and long life of our ladders. Our PROF+ step ladders are the best step ladders we have made to date. The ladders are constructed from a smart hexagonal lacquered aluminium profile which means they can take very high loads without any sign of wobble. In addition, they have double mounts on the treads, which make them highly resistant to wear and ensure a really long service life.

We offer standing ladders in all three product segments: PROF+, PROF and BASE. Learn more about the segments here.

Bracing and anchorage

Standing ladders with platforms, in excess of 2 meters in height, should be braced to ensure an adequate degree of safety. Equip your ladder with the appropriate safety equipment for safer and more efficient work.

Choose the right standing ladder. 200P is our best step ladder yet.

Step Ladder 200P

PROF+ Step Ladder 200P is the result of 90 years of innovative manufacturing of ladders and was launched in connection to Wibe Ladders’ 90 years anniversary. It is a robust, yet user-friendly premium ladder with a construction that combines proven technology and new innovations. According to us, it’s probably the best ladder ever designed.

Step Ladder 200P is made entirely of metal and is fused with radial-riveted attachment, making it extremely durable and ensuring a long service life. The side profiles and the shelf are also surface-treated to prevent stained hands, clothes and surroundings.

The extra-large platform of the step ladder gives you plenty of space to work both efficiently and safely, on all heights. To further ensure safety, each step has a 2-way anti-slip protection and extra-deep steps. 200P comes with foldable rails, protecting the user against falls on three sides of the platform. To enable easy transportation and storage of the ladder the rails are foldable.

The spacious shelf is made of metal to ensure durability. Besides being surface-treated to prevent stains, it is also designed to store a screw driver and other tools that craftsmen frequently use.

Step ladder 55P

Step Ladder 55P

We have designed PROF Step Ladder 55P for the hard, every day work of professional craftsmen. The ladder has a shelf, platform and braces in metal, which makes it a sturdy ladder with high stability and a long service life.

55P has a truly robust design with sturdy aluminium profiles and anti-skids. It has a metal platform and an aluminum shelf which is screwed directly into the side profile for maximum durability. The design also minimizes the flex in the ladder so you get a firm stance and can focus on the task at hand.

55P is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a versatile and reliable ladder for varied tasks.

Step ladder 44P

Step Ladder 44P

The PROF Step Ladder 44P is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a lighter ladder for professional use. The 44P fits service technicians, electricians and other professionals who often need to move around with the ladder.

The 44P has a simpler design compared to 55P, with slimmer profiles, shelf in UV resistant and impact modified polypropylene and a platform in fiberglass reinforced polymer.

Innovative fastening FSD technology provides a stable construction with minimal flex and a really long service life.

Step ladder for stairs, Stariwell ladder 55S

Stairwell Ladder 55S

PROF Step Ladder 55S is a flexible stairwell ladder for work in stairs and spaces with uneven support surfaces. Innovative fastening technology with FDS-screws provides a stable construction with minimal flex and a really long service life. All four stiles can be individually adjusted for stable support and safe work.

The high placement of the tool shelf keeps your tools at arm's length at any given moment and together with the side profiles it offers the user great support and balance.

The large platform and deep steps ensures that the user always can stand comfortably and the anodised aluminium helps to minimise staining on hands and clothes.

A good choice for safe work

Bra Arbetsmiljöval is a Swedish labelling for safer work at heights. The label means that the ladder meets the demands developed by the National Builder’s security group in Sweden (Riksbyggarnas säkerhetsgrupp) in order to reduce the number of workplace accidents.

Our 55P (up to 5 steps) and 90P are approved as ”Bra arbetsmiljöval”, a good choice for safe work.

Flow drilling screws (FDS)

Most ladders do not wear out because of climbing, but because of other handling. 55P and 44P are mounted using FDS (Flow Drilling Screws) technology, resulting in an attachment with increased stability, and thus a longer service life for the whole ladder.

Innovative fastening technology with FDS-screws provides a stable construction with minimal flex and a really long service life.

Type approval in accordance with current standards

All our products are subjected to testing by SP – the Technical Research Institute of Sweden – for type approval in accordance with current standards. In addition we also perform our own regular tests, supervised by SP, so that we can be sure that all our products meet the high standards we claim of them.

The ladders are type tested to SPCR064 and approved in accordance with Swedish Standard SS 2091 edition 4 and EN 131. The certification number for portable ladders is P102 102.

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