Laws and regulations

The products we sell are covered by both standards, and laws and regulations. The standards - sometimes national but mostly European - cover the design of the product including geometrical constraints and testing routines. As a user, you don’t need to worry about that. When you buy a product from Wibe Ladders, you will find the RISE-symbol on the label which tells you it has been certified by a third part testing institute according to the relevant standard.

Working regulations or working laws, cover the use of the product. These might be worth a read since they are basically just about one thing, your safety. They are there to make sure you get home from work in one piece. The working regulations vary from country to country, they can also be different depending on if you are a private or professional, or even depending on your occupation. Please visit our local websites for more detailed information about rules and regulations where you live. If you prefer a more general summary in English, please continue reading below.


When working professionally with ladders you usually need to follow some safety guidelines and regulations. These vary from country to country and are primarily governed by national or local working regulations or working laws.


Our scaffolding are always tested and approved. However, there are things to take into consideration regarding laws, regulations and standards when working with scaffolding.

Type approval

If you are wondering about type approvals and the rules that applies to us when we develop our products read more here.