A product standard is a document that contains specifications on how a product should be designed, and how it should be tested. There are, of course, different standards for different types of products. Below you can read about the standards that apply to the products in our range. Basically, a standard is voluntary, but in many cases it becomes mandatory by being referred to it in a law.


The European standard EN 131 governs the design of ladders. It specifies primarily how ladders should be dimensioned and how they should be tested. However, the European standard is not a legal requirement in all European countries. As a Swedish manufacturer, we also in addition to the European standard, follow the Swedish standard SS 2091 which has slightly more strict requirements in some cases.

Our certificate shows which ladders meet which parts and versions of different standards.

Work platforms

The design of work platforms is governed by a relatively new subsection of the European ladder standard called EN 131-7.


The design, testing, and to some extent, the use of scaffolding is governed by the European standard EN 1004-1.

CE marking

We sometimes get questions about whether ladders can be CE-marked. The answer is that it is not possible to CE-mark ladders because only product groups where there is a harmonised standard at a European level can be CE marked and ladders do not belong to such a product group. However, ladders for fixed mounting on roofs can be CE marked.

Ladders mounted on facades and roofs

In our range you will find ladders that are intended for fixed mounting on walls and roofs. These are not covered by the same regulations as our other ladders.

Products that are not covered by any standard

There are a few products in our range that are not covered by any standard or any specific regulatory framework and therefore they cannot be certified in any way. These products are, for example, aluminium boxes, plasterboard trestles, straight edges, adjustable trestle 6000 and jetty ladders. However, there is no problem selling and using these products, there is simply no standard that regulates their design.

Fire and rescue ladders – Nor-Bas

The fire and rescue services require some real heavy-duty ladders, among other things these need to be approved for more than one climber at a time. Our ladders in this range are called Nor-Bas and are approved according to SS-EN 1147 which is a specific standard for these types of products.

Good choice for safe work - “Bra Arbetsmiljöval”

Good choice for safe work is a label for safer ladder products that has been developed by the National Builders Safety Group in Sweden, it is not a statutory standard but an industry initiative that some companies in the construction industry require their workforce and subcontractors to follow.