How to choose scaffolding

How high do you work?

Please notice that all our models are not approved for the same heights. Below you can see the maximum platform heights indoors and outdoors and choose the models that fits your needs.

How heavy and for how long do you work?

For heavier and longer work it is more efficient and comfortable to choose a model with a larger platform surface, see measurements below. The Stairway Tower is the best choice, the stairs makes it easier to carry equipment and the large hatch makes it easier to get through.

Where do you work?

Naturally a smaller model is better if you work in narrow spaces. If you are working on uneven surfaces the ST or RT models are the best choices since they have height adjustable wheels, a feature the trade scaffolding doesn’t have.

If you are working in stairs the RT 750 is the best alternative, see the assembly instruction for more details.

Transportation and building

The smaller the model the easier it is to transport. If you choose a stair tower the stairs will take some extra space during transportation.

The trade scaffoldings have a foldable bottom frame and you don’t need stabilisers at the lowest height. This makes them very easy to use on lower heights.