My work from above: Johanna Flyckt Gashi

Two years ago, Johanna Flyckt Gashi left her job as interior stylist and started working as buyer for the Swedish brand Svanefors. Besides purchasing fabric, curtains, carpets and cushion covers she also builds showcases for exhibitions as well as showrooms. A lot of the tasks require that she climbs a ladder.

My work from above - Johanna Flyckt GashiMy work from above - Johanna Flyckt Gashi

Johanna has a solid background as interior stylist and has worked for many Swedish brands during the years; Ellos, Hemtex and IKEA to mention a few. She has also worked for many of the major interior magazines in Sweden. For the last two years she has been working as buyer at Svanefors. Besides buying everything from fabric to pieces for interior design she also designs and builds Svanefors’ showcases for exhibitions, builds showrooms and acts as an interior stylist at photoshoots.

“We take part in four shows each year, build two showrooms and take pictures for the catalogue twice a year. That’s when I work at heights. All showcases are very fun to build and there is always a certain spirit in the exhibition hall. Everyone is stoked and you work like a maniac from early morning until late evening before the show is opened. I always meet many funny and happy people and everyone is really helpful, lending out stuff needed; like a cup of coffee or a ladder.”

"You should use ladders that are both robust and steady"

Johanna thinks it’s okay to work at heights as long as she has a steady and good ladder. She commits being a bit scared of heights but shares a simple, but efficient tip against fear of heights.

“It helps to avoid looking down"

When it comes to safety her best advices are to choose good shoes that offers a good grip, use a steady ladder and to make sure that the ladder is placed on a flat surface. It is also the ladder that she believes is her most important equipment when working at heights.

“You should use ladders that are both robust and steady"

Johanna has never injured herself when working on heights, at least not from falling. One time she got a crick in her back while hanging curtains from a ceiling. There she was, trapped on the top of a ladder.

“There was no one there who could help me. Luckily my son was in town so I could call him and ask him to come help me to climb down.”

My work from above - Johanna Flyckt Gashi


Name: Johanna Flyckt Gashi

Occupation: Buyer

Years in the business: 2 years as buyer, before that 12 years as an interior stylist

Working height above ground: Approximately 1 meter

Tools/equipment you always bring with you: Hammer and screw driver

Instagram: @johannas3