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    Levelling Safety Legs

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    • Increase ladder width by 400 mm per side.
    • When transported, the supporting legs are folded parallel to the sides in order to save space.
    • Make sure the ground can carry the weight of the ladder.
    • When leveling, be aware that the ladder need to be stabilized laterally, you can for example ask a colleague to hold the ladder
    • When levelling, remember that if the last step is extra long it is easy to get hurt when climbing down.
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    Safety pays. A stable ladder which does not risk tipping helps you work safer and quicker. Wibe Safety legs is one of the best solutions for safe work on leaning ladders. They reduce the risk of the ladder falling over sideways and of the ladder base sliding out away from the wall. Can also be used for leveling (0-300 mm). The legs are mounted without drilling and locks easily in position with a handle.


    Levelling Safety Legs

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